Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Quiet Work of Italian Art

image from The Sartorialist
Flipping through The Sartorialist, this picture caught my attention because it was shot in Cortona, Italy, the location of my magical summer 2 years (?!) ago. That street is so familiar, I can almost hear the clanking of china at the bakery at the end of the road and catch a waft of the gelato shop a little ways down. This woman is a quintessential Cortonese. With a winking half smile and her arms folded delicately in front of her, she could be a quiet work of Italian art and no one would notice. I love how Scott Schuman takes street style photography to the next level by managing to capture the person behind the fashion statement. This lady sports a harmony of blues and browns and greys; her style is one of practicality but also of an Italian tradition. She looks directly out at us, a striking confidence for a woman of her age and stature.

In Italy I studied photography and one of the hardest assignments was a street photography project. I was so embarrassed to ask the locals if I could snap their portraits, and I know I was over thinking the assignment. I wouldn't go near them. I think that's why I am a better writer than photographer: I like to observe at a distance. This portrait fulfills my botched street photography assignment. Even though my photographs were mediocre, I can appreciate Schuman's work. He certainly captured the humbleness of the tiny hilltop town that I learned to call home. By capturing this woman's spirit and personal style, he managed to press pause on an intimate moment in a quiet town - my town - and for that I am grateful.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I spy Leandra and Heidi!!! | image from T Magazine
Fashion Week has the world's eyes trained on New York this time of the year, and as a result, style junkies and fashion bloggers' Instagram feeds alike are runway photo after runway photo. Honestly I'm not sure why anyone travels to NY anymore because with the live streams and the instant updates, it's like we are all there.

This image particularly struck me from T Magazine because of the street style influence in the model's hairstyle. The Michael Kors models this year sported messy braids that could have been styled right from the girl sitting next to me in class or across the street at Starbucks. (That girl is probably in leggings and a giant tee shirt, but still.) I love the juxtaposition between the gown and the simple hairstyle: sometimes high fashion can surprise us all in how chic a simple stylistic element is. A braid might be the PB&J of hairstyles. It is something you grew up on; your mom probably taught you how to knot a French braid and you practiced on your American Girl dolls.

image from
Here is the complete look. It feels like something I might wear around Paris: very Ballerina-y flats and a simple LBD with an exaggerated neckline. You know, because you really never know when the next time you might be in Paris ...

images from
Finally ... a few of my favorite looks from the Michael Kors show. I particularly resonated with the florals in this collection: really dreamy, like your favorite over-the-top bouquet. These blooms look so fragrant I can almost smell them. I also really love the matching separates: super versatile and fun, crop tops (for lack of a better word) and skirts are having a moment and I love it, particularly sleeveless, almost shift dress-like silhouettes. I also am obsessing over the sheer skirts on top of the shirt dresses. Ladylike with an element of surprise, just the way I like my fashion. (and my hot tea.)

Monday, September 8, 2014


This year has had me boarding planes left and right and I couldn't be happier. I finally got my own SkyMiles card and I plan on earning a lot of points in the near future. Traveling is like playing dress up in a lot of ways: I always like to emulate a little bit of wherever I'm traveling to in my wardrobe. Friday I'm boarding a plane to Tuscan, Arizona and I'm told that yes there are rattlesnakes there, but the scorpions are what you need to look out for. Goodie.

Besides the hazards I may encounter, I am traveling westward for my cousin Maddie's wedding! (Note: I LOVE WEDDINGS) She's tying the knot on a dude ranch, so cowboy boots and a vintage straw hat were definitely in order. Yay for horseback riding (I might just give a horse a little pat on the head, does that count?). Yay for an Arizona tan (fingers crossed). And YAYAYAYAY for a giant wedding reception dance party (my favorite part).

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summertime in the South

It's true what they say. Summertime in small town Georgia (and around the South) is just about the bees knees and quite possibly as Romantic as it gets. I mostly love Spanish moss and pink sunsets and sickly sweet Sweet Tea and Blizzard runs and dance parties and late night movie dates and the Fourth of July. Before I can officially accept capri weather and eventually, changing trees and pumpkin spice lattes, I wanted to relive a little bit of my Southern Summer. It was a particularly good one. Here's to many, many more.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


 Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.
Anne Shirley 
Last weekend, my friend Lucy and I wandered around downtown Athens and discovered a fun new restaurant called The World Famous. Lucy works for a local bakery in Athens plus spent the summer on a farm, so she definitely knows good food...we got some fried chicken sandwiches and sparkly lemonade to-go and proceeded to feast in one of our favorite spots: North Campus. The best part about living in Athens is the superfluity of fantastic local dives, and I would have to say The World Famous might be my new favorite. Nestled in the artsier part of town, the bar & restaurant serves drinks in mason jars (and fresh squeezes the lemons for your drink right on the bar!!!), has a few vintage pinball machines in a corner, and showcases local artists' work on the walls. My favorite part of college has always been living in Athens, and the reason is Athens' various "vibes." In Athens you can be whoever you want to be: preppy, hipster-y, artsy, into the music scene, into the nightlife, into the academia, etc, etc. And the best part is, in Athens, you don't even have to put yourself into a category. I can be each and any of those things, and I'm happy to eat at a super local organic farm fresh restaurant one day and an Athens chain like YourPie (NOM) the next. Two for you Athens, Georgia, you go Athens, Georgia.

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