Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Midweek Musings: ManRepeller & Musicals

1. Love and Fungus: Leandra Medine & her husband, Abie \\ Man Repeller

I've had the biggest girl crush on Leandra since I started reading her blog five years ago. I think as a fashion influence, Leandra taught me to not care what other people thought of my outfits. She inspired me to get weird and wear things together because I liked the way they looked. She taught me to get creative, she taught me to layer, and she taught me to not take fashion so seriously. Most importantly, she heavily inspired this blog in its written style. Leandra has the best sense of humor and the most addictive colloquial diction. I love her prose almost as much as her Rosie Assoulin tops. Anyway, this YouTube video is a discussion between her and her husband, Abie, and it is just adorable. I loved hearing the story of how they met. And Leandra knew it was true love the moment Abie helped her put her fungus cream on her back.

2. High Waisted Rockstar Jeans \\ Old Navy

I will sing praises of the Rockstar Jean for eternity, not only because of its universally flattering fit, but also its wide variety of options. I have dark wash skinny Rockstars, dark wash flared Rockstars, white distressed Rockstars, and now light wash high waisted Rockstars, with the latter being my new favorite. Most Rockstars sit comfortably on your hips, but these are high enough to wear with a crop top. The light wash is perfect for early evening summer dinners paired with a white tee shirt, ballet flats in a pop of red, and a big scarf to ward off chilly breezes.

3. Pitch Perfect 2 \\ Universal Studios

This is a musical comedy that hits all the right notes. Since seeing Pitch Perfect 2 in theaters (twice...), I can't stop watching the first movie, listening to the soundtracks to both films, and belting out all the Bella's and Treblemaker's hits in the shower. Anna Kendrick is as talented as ever, Rebel Wilson's improv-ed lines are highly quotable, and I kind of want John Smith and Gail Abernathy-McKadden to give commentary on my life. Plus Snoop Dogg makes a cameo and I am pretty sure he is my spirit animal. (#GroovyLikeADriveInMovie) Both films are the kind of movies I could watch 800 times without getting tired of them. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a movie as I did watching PP2, and if you haven't seen it yet, stop reading this right now and boogie on down to your local cinema. "Kennedy Center Performance," "Lollipop," "Back to Basics," and "World Championship Finale 2."

Universal Pictures

4. Healthy Apple Crisp \\ Of Pots and Pens 

Last week I made this Healthy Apple Crisp for my dad and ended up loving the recipe. I came across it on Pinterest, and resonated with its simplicity and its deliciousness. There is no added sugar, and with a little vanilla frozen yogurt, this treat will definitely not make you regret choosing to have dessert. I pretty much followed the recipe on Of Pots and Pens, but I skipped the walnuts because of my sister's nut allergy, and I doubled the crumble mixture part. Because everyone knows the "crisp" is the best part of apple crisp.

Of Pots and Pens

5. Redrawing Taylor Swift \\ Buzzfeed

This video I found on Buzzfeed is absolutely amazing. Students from the University of Newcastle created this animated version of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off for a class project. It's fun to watch and really makes me appreciate the artistry and mastery of animation. Plus I dig anything to do with T Swift.

That's it for my reflections from my last week of summer...tune in next week for musings from New York City!!!

Snip It

Guys, I did it, I committed, and until an hour ago, was the proud supporter of long locks. Previous to my cut today, my hair length was the longest I let my hair grow out ever, and surprisingly, I LOVED it. Usually, I let my hair grow a little past my shoulders and leave it "long" for about a week before frustration sets in and I chop it off. I had no hair game plan, instead choosing to let life's whims dictate its style. Now, however, I plan to let it grow out long every year, and then chop it off in the summer when the humidity sets in. Here we go, round one of New York City summer prep. Can't wait to rock my new lob in the greatest city in the world!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

How to Be a Classy Lady: Drink Green Juice

I am not ashamed to admit that usually I am the obnoxious person in the Starbucks line who orders something so complicated that the Barista has to ask me to repeat my request several times (iced grande chai latte, soy, sweetened, no whip, light on the ice, extra shot of espresso, etc. etc.). From this quality I've moved on to a new kind of pretentious beverage: green juice. Honestly, I order green juice to look cooler than I am and kind of close my eyes and point to ingredients that seem healthy and low in sugar. (tryna cut back on my sweet tooth, jafeel?) As someone who still gets grossed out by certain kinds of fruits and vegetables (I'm twenty one and have yet to be a normal human who is not 4 years old. Life is hard.) drinking them seems to be a really great alternative to staying healthy AND being hip. I'm hoping to do some research this summer in New York and learn more about what is really healthy and what I should drink after a workout or if I want to go on a juice cleanse (you never know) or if I need energy. So far I've had three varieties of green juice, and I must say they are all an equal tie. Sipping one now actually (see above pic from my social study spot at Lamar Dodd).

First, my mom makes a KILLER spinach smoothie. (Doesn't everything taste better when your mom makes it for you?!) We started drinking them at my house a few years ago and have spread the joy to our extending family members and friends. She's definitely perfected the ratio where the smoothie may be Kermit-colored, but it is surprisingly delicious and excitingly nutritious. (That rhyme was on purpose. Because I'm a lady with the rhythm but a freak with the beats. Okay, stopping now.)

Here is her recipe:

2 cups Fresh Spinach
1 Banana (peeled)
1/2 Green Apple (peeled)
1 tbs Ground Flax Seed
1 cup Milk

Add to blender in this order. Blend well for 2 minutes. Add 1/2 cup crushed ice and blend a bit more to cool the mixture off. Enjoy!

Mom's Spinach Smoothie Recipe

Second, I love Arden's Garden juices. They just opened a shop in downtown Athens which I have yet to visit, but I've been picking up an Arden's Garden juice from Kroger every now and then to supplement my usual English Muffin + PB breakfast. The Supergreen juice is super yummy and is loaded with fresh ingredients like apples and wheatgrass. 

Arden's Garden Supergreen Juice

Finally, Earth Fare's Kale Lemonade is fun and refreshing, especially looking ahead to summer. I love Earth Fare's juice stand because you stand there and watch them grind up all the fresh ingredients right in front of you. There are no surprises and the juice is delicious and SO FRESH. This is my poison of choice today as I crank out some art history studying. 

(1) Green drank at Lamar Dodd \\ (2) The juice bar at Earth Fare in Five Points, Athens

Got any hip green juice combinations I need to try?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Midweek Musings: Mulligan & Moore

1. Combat Boots \\ Liv As You Please 

My adorable Chi O friend Olivia recently started a fashion blog and I couldn't be happier to cheer her on. Olivia is someone I always make an effort to see what she is wearing, particularly to our Chapter meetings. She's got this cool downtown vibe imbued in her personal style and is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet. I love this outfit post she did about her favorite pair of combat boots. This is the kind of casual cool I can only hope to emulate one day. She's like a young Grace Coddington. Cheers, Liv, and can't wait to follow all your adventures on your new blog!

Image from Liv As You Please

2. Zora Neale Hurston Lunchbox Lecture \\ Moore College

I recently attended a Lunchbox Lecture at the Honors College and the woman who spoke, Valerie Boyd, is a biographer of Zora Neale Hurston! I wrote a research paper (THE junior year Carmen research paper, for those of you who went to my HS) in high school about Hurston and my life was quite changed after studying her philosophy of life. Her vibrant optimism despite her circumstances as a black woman in the South is incredible. Their Eyes Were Watching God was an incredible influence on my young mind, and I still think about Janie's struggles to come to terms with her womanhood and development into a young adult. TEWWG is a sweet little novel that I'll always hold close to my heart. Anyway, Valerie Boyd gave a great lecture telling about her adventures discovering Hurston and about her current project of editing Alice Walker's journals that before her had yet to be read. One key point I got out of the lectures was the importance of keeping a personal record. I've always had a current journal, but am not great at keeping up with it, so Boyd's talk spoke to me. Where will your biographer get all the personal, interior motivations when she's writing your story? I definitely am going to journal more. For my future biographer's sake, you know.

Here is the link to Valerie Boyd's ZNH biography, entitled Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston. I can't wait to read it!

My notes from the lecture.

3. How Tibi Transformed Itself to Survive in a Fast Fashion World \\ Fashionista

In addition to being a kick-ass woman in fashion at the moment, Amy Smilovic was also a Mu Beta!!! (see composite shot below...) This article was sent over our listserv and I thought her commentary on how she kept Tibi relevant amongst fast-fashion competitors like Zara and Topshop was so interesting. Particularly inspiring to read about successful women in business!

(1) Image from SCAD \\ (2) Amy Smilovic's composite picture at Chi O! :)

4. Carey Mulligan Knows the Secret to Being a True New Yorker \\ Vogue
"I've been here for three weeks...I pretty much feel at home here now." - Carey Mulligan 
Continuing in the trend of watching/reading/eating/sleeping anything related to The Big Apple, I loved this Vogue short staring Carey Mulligan. This is definitely going to be me in a couple of weeks: pitiful, ridiculously trying to fit in and coming across as an awkward 20-something wanting to make a new name for herself. Pitiful and ridiculous, but loving every minute of it. Isn't that what New York is all about anyway? Finding the beauty in awkward new beginnings.

5. 7 Day Better Skin Challenge \\ Buzzfeed

I've been struggling with my complexion since my senior year of high school. (Skipped the pizza face stage in middle school, and I guess fate karma came back to bite me in the ass. Thanks Karma. You're a real bitch.) I've read about skin issues and visited about a million dermatologists and tried everything from antibiotics to fancy moisturizers to eliminating dairy (besides the occasional late night Papa J of course...) from my diet and nothing cleared it up. However, I signed up for this Buzzfeed email list that delivered a new skin tip for 7 days, called the 7 Day Better Skin Challenge. I'm working on incorporating all of these simple adjustments into my everyday routine and am hoping to see some results. It's funny to think that out of all the multitudes of fancy pants treatments I've tried, I overlooked all of these simple tweaks that just might hold the secret to a clearer complexion. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Image from Buzzfeed

That wraps up my musings for the week. Anything catch your eye on the interweb recently?