6 Years Old At Heart

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Skirt: Old Navy \\ Sweater: J. Crew \\ Shoes: Sahara \\ Headband: J. Crew \\ 
Crossbody: Lucky Brand

Yes, I took my sister to see Cars 2 on Sunday. Yes, I am 17 and she is 13. Yes, we were the only ones in the Theatre. (save two boys about 6 or 7 with their grandparents...) And yes, we had a gas-guzzling good time!

More importantly, I was faced with the task of what to wear. I had to be playful and childish given the activity, but I also had to be able to appear sophisticated at a moments notice. (You never know who you'll run in to!) I decided on Madras, the ultimate summery pattern and a navy sweater for the excessively air-conditioned Theatre. Take inspiration from children, ya'll. Remember when your mom first let you dress yourself? Even if your color palate was off-center, and your stockings didn't match, you felt fabulous. And that's what personal style is all about.

So be a kid. (and then go see Cars 2; those Pixar people are comedic geniuses.)

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