Baby, You're a Firework

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July was definitely a success! Between the parade, the family time, the crazy rush at the pizza parlor I work at, and of course, the fireworks, America got one heck of a birthday party. (And lets just pause and ponder what a wonderful country we live in...we have the freedom to WEAR whatever we want. God bless America.)

As mentioned, personal style is more than who, what, wear. It's more than deciding when to wear ballet flats (everyday) or when to wear neon (never). Personal style is influenced by who you interact with and who you let into your life. This weekend I've been spending time with my family and friends and its been a wonderfully freeing experience for my style. I've incorporated striped Lacoste headbands and rolled up cutoffs into my look and I feel ready to push my cousins on the swing and take a bike ride to the lake. (all that biking at the gym paid off!) Weekend casual is something to relish; don't let clothes hinder your comfort and your cool.

One last note...this commercial aired last year in July and I still think about it. Personal style sources its inspiration from a variety of places. Combine the elements listed above (family, friends, fireworks, and fashion) with the beautiful aesthetic we call home.

Happy Birthday America.
You're beautiful.

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