Form Follows Function

Saturday, July 2, 2011

March 2010: My first adventure into the City of Lights for my 16th birthday. Holly Golightly was right: this is the best store...ever.

Elsa Peretti's Open Bottle Pendant 
by Tiffany & Co. $675 
Italian-born jewelry designer Elsa Peretti has designed for Halston, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, and Tiffany & Co. (reference) During her trips to her homeland in the 1960's, Peretti was inspired by the women of Italia who accessorized themselves with flowers. This simple pendant was designed for function rather than appearance; it was created to keep Peretti's flower healthy and flourishing.

I would pair this simple accessory with denim and a flowy cotton tee shirt. In the summer crisp whites and silver jewelry look polished and will help you keep cool in the summer heat.

On a floral note, I'd go with a white lily from the Fresh Market florist or a bright red dahlia from my mom's pots if I was feeling feisty.

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