Who Said Horizontal Stripes Weren't Flattering?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hey there, sailor! As school that-which-shall-not-be-named approaches, and the last wisp of summer lingers in the air, it is important to stay cool, stay classy, and stay in the summer moment as long as possible. So, for my first (of many! Check back every Sunday!) weekly posts about inspiration, I encourage you to incorporate all things nautical into your farewell to summer look. The sailor shirt was originally designed in Brittany, France for French seamen. Called the Breton shirt or "the Mariner," the shirt was made part of the uniform for the French Navy because it made sailors easier to locate after having fallen overboard. The shirt was made famous by the notable Pablo Picasso, Edie Sedgwick, and Brigitte Bardot. Taking cues from the men (and women) in stripes is not only very French, but also very modern when done right. And, any combination of French chic and modern vibe gives an appearance of mystique, intrigue, and a "too-cool-for-school" attitude. (get it?)

For those light breezes on summer nights in Paris (or Atlanta, take your pick!), opt for a heavy fabric on top and a light scarf. Metallic sandals and pearls complete the look.

Top: Gap \\ Denim: American Eagle \\ Scarf: Laura Ashley

White hot pops against a navy background. Both of these looks go from day to night easily and without fuss. When pairing neutrals like navy and white, I like to choose a color for my accessories that stands out boldly and almost defiantly. Red is my go-to color for such tasks; incorporate it anyway you can: nail polish, a bright clutch, an arm party of red and orange bracelets, red shoes...the options are endless.

(outfit 1) Top: Gap \\ Shorts: Old Navy \\ Shoes: Target \\ Clutch: Dooney & Bourke
(outfit 2) Top: Lizard Thicket \\ Skirt: Gap \\ Shoes: Dr. Scholl's

I wore the top outfit to an early morning trip to the farmer's market. The linen skirt and classic sailor's shirt scream sophisticated lady and the classic Coach design lends to easy access to loose change to pick up farmer's market essentials. The bottom outfit would be perfect on an evening boat ride; imagine your hair flying behind you as you speed through the ocean waves, salt in the air and the sun on your face.

(outfit 1) Top: Ralph Lauren \\ Skirt: J. Crew \\ Shoes: Gap \\ Purse: vintage Coach
(outfit 2) Dress: J. Crew \\ Capris: J. Crew \\ Shoes: Zigi Soho \\ Belt: my mom's closet

Summer would not be complete without baseball and swim team and suntan lotion. Stripes not only display your sophistication, but also your playfulness. Utilize them in a beach cover up, a drapey tee shirt, or a bathing suit. And during your last week of summertime, go out and PLAY. Enjoy the sun beating down on your neck and show your stripes.

(outfit 1) Shirt: Old Navy \\ Shorts: Old Navy \\ Shoes: Converse \\ Earrings: The Vintage Flea
(outfit 2) Shrug: Pretty Good \\ Cami: Nikibiki \\ Bathing Suit bottoms: DKNY \\ Flip-Flops: Old Navy \\ Headband: Loft

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