Make It Look Effortless

Sunday, August 21, 2011

These pictures look and feel exactly like my ballet classes.

That is the secret to simplicity—the secret to raw, unadulterated ballet and outfits that feel as if you've worn them over and over again. (because you have!) The reason I bring up the art form that I personally have dedicated my time to since I was seven is that J.Crew drew inspiration from ballerinas recently. Whenever I see a collaboration between dance and fashion my soul does a little pirouette; ballet has not only kept me fit all these years, it also has kept me sane. Ballet in its classical form is the purest route to freedom and inspiration. So when J.Crew designed a shoot of Russian ballerinas modeling their cashmere collection, they showed that simplicity and freedom and inspiration come from a raw, unadulterated soul: dance. When cozying up this fall into sweaters, think simple. And think cashmere.

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