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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blazer: American Eagle \\ Sunglasses: vintage RayBan \\ Tee Shirt: Taylor Swift 2010 Tour

Unquote: AC/DC. This can be you every day of the week. In order to reach a level of rocker meets trendsetter meets 100% confidence, start with a piece that makes you feel flawless and a little B.A. winky, winky. I'm in this element best when I'm listening to music, particularly classic rock n' roll. (Today I turned the bass way up on the stereo in my car and I literally felt the music moving my pun intended) So my go-to piece when I'm feeling feisty is a concert tee. Now I really only have one concert tee shirt that I'm particularly proud of. I don't count my David Archuleta from 9th grade. But every time I wear it, without fail, I feel fabulous. Today I showed my support for the girl with the curly hair by pairing my concert tee with a blazer a la Eva Mendes in Hitch. (see below)

This fall I'm all about playing the wild card when putting together outfits. Be free. Be wild. Be yourself. Here are some of my fall shopping list items that would accentuate a concert tee shirt nicely...

Pants a la LEATHER (faux, of course)

Boots a la Motorcycle

Concert Tee a la MAROON 5

Now to me, fashion is a lot like poetry in the sense that rules are meant to be broken. There is no conventional way to dress and certainly no guidebook on what to wear. (Although I and other bloggers and magazines and icons can dole out as large a serving of advise as you would like!) But, like my Latin teacher reminds us when we learn new and tricky grammar concepts, I can't believe I just compared fashion to Latin. most rules have exceptions. So the rule applying to the concert tee shirt is thus: THOU SHALT NOT WEAR A CONCERT TEE OF A BAND THOU DOES NOT LISTEN TO. Nina Garcia says this is very, very uncool. If you are sporting the Rolling Stones, you better know all the words to "Satisfaction." She also mentions that the best concert tees come from actual concerts; clothes with stories make the outfit so much more interesting. (My Taylor Swift tee shirt is embedded with memories of belting out her lyrics, wearing cowboy boots, crying when she came out on stage, and failing my chem test the next day.) But I think it's perfectly OK to order tee's offline, or find really cool vintage steals. Just make sure you are a die hard fan. Then strut the streets with their beat in your head. Boom ba da boom boom.

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