Smells like Team Spirit, Literally

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guess what I dug out of the old basement guestroom closet/ceremonial dumping ground of old and significant articles of clothing? THE LATEST TRENDS, and I'm totally serious. How, you may ask, did I uncover a new trend from an old pile of old old old clothes? Because fashion has a cyclic nature, ya'll. (Although I've personally removed banished ponchos from this particular life cycle.) A highlight from TeenVogue's September Issue focuses on the varsity jacket, not just for school spirit anymore. Everyone, from the Rag & Bone runway to Elle Fanning has been spotted sporting this sporty accessory. (Like what I did there?) I was looking for some old dresses when I came across my dad's letterman jacket and varsity tennis jacket from high school. Score? More like high score.

PS: If you plan on digging through your own graveyard of "vintage" mom and dad clothing, make sure to check for holes and other unpleasant marks of time, like smell. and then fix them accordingly, fashionistas. Happy styling!

Elle Fanning wearing H&M 

Elle Fanning on her way to ballet class

How will you incorporate this trend?

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