Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here's a look at how my outfit turned out for the Mad Men themed party I went to Friday night. Incorporating vintage finds into my look is my favorite way to personalize my style. Obviously this outfit is a costume, but I will definitely accessorize a nice dress or dress pants with this vintage mink stole. My friend MJ did an excellent job dressing her part as Joan Holloway. The silhouette of the dress is a fabulous cut and she is a pro at teasing hair! (Both her and my hair are complements of her hairdressing skills!)

By the way, if you are a nineteen-sixties junkie like I am and didn't catch the premier of Pan Am, go check it out (the pilot is on ABC's website). The show holds a lot of promise, and it is another example of the supreme reign of feminine silhouettes of that decade. I cannot wait to watch the show every Sunday!

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