More or Less Missoni

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I told you I'd be returning to this zig-zagging topic soon, didn't I? Well, hold on to your clutches and cocktail rings, fashionistas, because we are going to take a journey along a zig-zag shaped path to the destination of personal style. I thought I'd celebrate with my take on my favorite launch of the year.
The key to Missoni is mixing patterns. The mod patterns and silhouettes complement each other. Get crazy and mix and match different prints. To avoid looking like you're dressing for tacky day, stick to one color scheme. (I chose black here.)

Of course, for those more cautious about crazy pattern mixing, fret not, Missoni is here for you too! Keep the outfit simple, with the pattern being the center point. Play up sparks of color in accessories and chunky heels for comfort and edge.

More Missoni.

add a flower a la Italian Riviera.
less Missoni: this look can translate easily from day to night. Add some sparkly accessories and you're good to go!
compliments to the Missoni: cocktail rings and bangles all add pizazz to the outfit without taking the spotlight from the main patterns. I would opt for something neutral and sparkly. Swarovski crystal bangles are a staple. (So are vaguely familiar blue sapphire cocktail rings...a la a certain duchess...)

More Missoni.

Less Missoni: this sweater was made by my great-grandmother. I adore wearing clothes with sentimentality.

Le Profile.

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