September Issues: The Highlights

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Ahh, September. The January of the fashion world. This is a time of rejuvenation, a time for redressing and rethinking your outlook on style. (It is also the kickoff for NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. Hopefully I'll make this dream a reality one day...Check out the highlights here.) September is the perfect time to stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself, what elements make up MY personal style? What basics can you not live without? What edgy trends are you dying to try out? Most likely your basic instincts can get you this far; your initial reactions to trends and outfits will turn you on or off. From my desk to yours, here are the highlights from my study and perusal of the fall fashion magazines, store catalogs, and of course, the bloggers. (Man Repeller, Fashion Chalet, and the J. Crew blog have become little best friends that I check up on daily.)

Decade dressing: Many designers this season are completing their runway looks with blasts from the past. (50's Feminine (Fatale?), 60's Mod, 70's Rebellion)

Black, white, and red all over: A plethora of black shifts with white collars (a la French maid? or British school girl?) emerges from piles of color-blocking and colorful patterns.

The cape, the mystery, the man: Androgyny has always been a key staple in women's closets since the era of Coco Chanel, but this season a particular accessory the ladies are stealing from the men is the unisex cape: daunting, mysterious, and ironically feminine.

The new romantic: Vogue's story on cover girl Kate Moss writes this trend into poetry: "Romance ruled as fashion's favorite wild child tied the knot with musician Jamie Hince in rock-in-roll Gatsby style" (Vogue Sept. 2011, 676). The new romance marries the rough to the pure; a mixture of classic rock n' roll with soft spoken feminine details births this Fall staple.

Grunge, reinvented: Color is coming back. Neons, acid washed jeans, and geometric, color-blocked separates all fit into this category. Blanket coats are another trend used to dress up the grunge look. (paradox? or juxtaposition?) As the weather is changing I've noticed many girls at school pairing leggings with big tee shirts or with chunky knits. These looks all combine to form the new grunge: geometric, tailored, and yet thrown on with ease and passion.