What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

Monday, September 12, 2011

Step One: Do not reach for sweatpants. See? You already made it out of bed. That's accomplishing something. 

I absolutely despise these days. I just want to lay in bed, depressed. I'm simultaneously feeling that I have absolutely no inspiration and also a little guilty because technically, I do have clothes...but anyway, these days are just sad. So I've come up with a formula. Like physics! See I actually learned something in that class! As I've already said, the first variable depends on NOT giving up and NOT succumbing to the sweatpants day. This day is never worth it. Repeat: sweatpants days are the apocalypse of the style world. Next, you throw in a no-fail combination of classic pieces that is wearable every day of the week. I suggest trying out a few combos on non-nothing-to-wear days and then writing your complete formula. And there you have it, fashionistas: an outfit to wear on a day when you have nothing to wear.

This formula will be different for each individual, so here is my personal formula:

don't grab ratty sweatshirt+cropped pants+cardigan+ballet flats=happy and easy and fresh day ahead.

But yours will be different. It could look like this:

don't pull Adidas shorts off shelf+denim+white v-neck+converse=a little rebellious, but cool and controlled day ahead

Or this:

push smelly but comfy tennis sneakers out of mind+tea length skirt+graphic tee+short, flat boots=no fuss, breezy, and a little whimsy in the day ahead

YAY! Now you can let your day begin as a polished and stylish individual.
What is your personal formula? Share it!

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