Autumn is a Fancy Word for Fall

Monday, October 31, 2011

Explaining my vocabulary to a 6-year-old demands the words of Fancy Nancy. As the seasons morph into my favorite time of year (Although I really say that about all the seasons...) I reflect on why I adore Autumn so much. Whilst collecting acorns with the little girls I babysit, we decide that fall is fabulous because of the leaves, the colors, the sounds, the smells, the bonfires and s'mores, the holidays, and of course, THE CLOTHES.

Being a Romantic, I see the world as a sensuous collaboration of nostalgia, so here are some lovely fall reflections from my point of view:
  1. Colors- Despite the chill in the air, I've always associated fall with warmth: warm colors like golds and crimsons and burnt oranges remind me of leaves changing and taligating bonfires and lit hearths and candles that smell like Cinnamon. Now how does this relate to your clothing? I adore pairing neutrals with splashes of color, so this season keep colors warm: a red scarf here, an orange cardigan there, and a gold pea coat with crimson accessories flatters fall. These warm colors work well with navys (try a blazer or jeggings in a dark wash), purples (a chunky knit in aubergine flatters burnt orange or purple boots flatter everything, especially my heart!), and creams (basically anything else ranging from tights to turtlenecks to bangles to headbands)
  2. Sounds- The crunch of leaves, the sizzle of roasting marshmallows, the squish of carving pumpkins
  3. Taste- Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin loaf tastes like fall. The end.
  4. Smells- Cinnamon and caramel and pumpkin and Thanksgiving dinner and Halloween candy (anything with peanut butter in it or anything with the word "sour" in front of it)
  5. Clothes- Bundle up! Because of the weather, most people won't be seeing your clothes, they'll be seeing your outerwear. This means investing in a sturdy coat (100% or a strong percentage of wool and/or cashmere), warm and colorful scarf, gloves, and a hat. I tend to stick to neutral colors in coats, (though I coveted a sorority girl's gold pea coat at the GA Tech game Saturday...) because they are safe, and play up my accessories. (because that's where the danger comes in!) My navy coat is yard sale chic, but has served me graciously for three consecutive seasons. I switch between my plaid cashmere scarf (pictured below) and a red scarf with pom-poms. Also, I've been wearing my cloche hat [via] often; I wear it sometimes plain, and sometimes with a scarf wrapped around it a la Hepburn comma Audrey. I'm also planning on investing in Albertus Swanepoel's new collection for Target, out yesterday.
Bundle up! Sweater tights keep legs warm and add great texture to any outfit.

Try wearing a ring over your gloves: buy a fake cocktail or bulky two finger ring a size large.

Keep your colors warm and your attitude cool.

Funny story: I wore the last outfit to a local Haunted House with my friends. The house part wasn't funny, but my friends could not stop laughing as I had to be escorted out from the front door by a volunteer. (Who conveniently happened to be a girl I knew in my grade from school.) Next time I attempt to enter a haunted house I will be escorted by the entire football team and possibly the basketball team, for good measure.

Albertus Swanepoel for Target® Dora Hat - Blue
Albertus Swanepoel [via]
Albertus Swanepoel for Target® Layla Hat - Brown
Coveting this. [via]

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