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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It would be a counterproductive day if at least one Senior at my high school didn't grumble the following words: "I just want to be in college right now." I certainly shared this train of thought on Sunday as I was driving back from Athens, GA, home to my number one: University of Georgia. (Go Dawgs!) My mom and sister and I drove up for my sister's swim meet at Ramsey Hall (saw the UGA diving team; needless to say their collegiate style consists of very little clothing. In other words, mostly Speedos.) and I visited my two favorite freshman, Alena and Emily! (Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, ya'll!) I peppered them with questions that had been accumulating since I applied to UGA, and typical of my fashion blogger self, I asked about the style at college. Keeping my eyes peeled around campus and talking to my friends, I picked up a few do's and don'ts for surviving life at college fashionably.

1. Walking shoes. Unfortunately, however attractive those Manolo Blahnik's are, comfort comes before beauty in this case. Alena said Chacos or Teva sandals are a must-have for trekking up and down campus all day. Tretorn sneakers are also a stylish alternative. I usually sponsor ballet flats in such instances, but heavy duty walking will wear out soles, so one should look for something more sturdy. On a separate note about shoes, Emily mentioned that rain boots are another must. I adore Wellington boots (Wellies!), but less expensive ones can be found at Target. Finally, both girls said that cowboy boots were another must as many girls go country for football games and parties.

Chacos. Courtesy of
2. Leggings. Being the budding journalist that I desire to be, I picked up a copy of the Red & Black student newspaper. In the opinions section I read an interesting article about college style, especially among sorority girls. The article discussed the heat sorority girls get for their unique "grunge" style. It was a funny article as it described the omnipresent leggings, big sweatshirt, and boots combo along with classic pearl earrings. However, the author argued that this combo, though eminent, is practical and comfortable. As I've mentioned in a few posts, I've really expanded my opinion of leggings. My friend Madeline looked super comfy and cute sporting leggings and Converse High-Tops with a white v-neck. Amy paired hers with her Senior shirt. Mary chose a knit dress and a chunky knit. Honestly, the options are endless. Personally, I like J. Crew's take on the legging: a combo of chic sweat pant and legging. I can't believe I just used those two words in the same sentence.

3. Practicality. One general observation includes the importance of practicality. I tried to dress specifically for comfort, wearing jeans and a white v-neck and a cardigan and flats, but still I was uncomfortable. I am usually a strict no-sweatpants girl,  (A guy in my class the other day even mentioned that he was annoyed I dressed up every day.) but in this case I think giving your sweatpants a stylish update is worth a try.

In conclusion, Seniors, stay in there. College will be here sooner than we know it. Also, for my fellow fashionistas who are UGA fans, I discovered a handy little blog on UGA style! It even features great shopping locations such as my favorite vintage store in Athens.

Checks it out, yo:

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