Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It is almost impossible to describe a Taylor Swift concert if you haven't been to one. I had the privilege Sunday of attending my second concert by my favorite obsession singer and I was absolutely blown away. The show was theatrical and entertaining and breathtaking. I was completely enchanted. (The night was literally sparkling as glitter confetti erupted out of the sky during the last song, Love Story) In honor of the curly haired star, I decided to scribble lyrics down my arm in the same fashion she has done for each show on her Speak Now World Tour. I love wearing her words on my arm; lyrics have always had a powerful influence on my style; words are powerful, and I have learned to respect them. Swift's lyrics in particular have always spoken to me and I don't object to wearing lyrics on my arm again sometime. I think it would be a neat way to express your style on a casual day: scribble an unforgettable quote on the underside of your arm to keep those words twisting around in your head. Obviously my scribbles were a bit extreme for the exciting occasion, but for daily use, one could use a Sharpie more liberally. :)

My stylish friend Ari and I! Notice the plethora of cowboy boots and sundresses. :)

My concert outfit: I wanted to channel the spirit of TaySwift's cowboy boots + sundress formula, but I wanted to put a unique twist on it!

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