Outfit Whim: Night Shirts in the Day Time

Monday, October 10, 2011

To be honest, I find almost nothing more luxurious than a pair of good pajamas. (Yet another androgynous item to add to our trunk of clothing stolen from the boys, ladies: the plaid nightshirt.) While browsing one of my favorite blogs, The Sartorialist, I came across this picture of a stunning Milanian (I think every woman should try to exude that Italian confidence and bona fide beauty often.) sporting a fabulous pair of pajamas, but looking far more put together than just rolling out of bed. This photo got me thinking: what is it about certain pieces of clothing that turn an outfit into either wow or ouch. Obviously wearing night shirts in the day time is a bit of a risk, but why did this woman and the stylist Rachel Roy (featured below) choose to slip into their PJ's? As I said before, I think pajamas exude luxury; unintentionally, they perceive the act of lounging, and therefore display a relaxed look, but they also imbibe a sense of glamour in their defined piping, in their richness of fabrics including silk and pima cotton. So there you have it, a formula for luxury.

image via Sartorialist.

stylist Rachel Roy in silk pajamas on the Red Carpet.
So now that we've assessed the stylish icons to use as muses, how can pajamas be incorporated into our own wardrobes? Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren have my favorite selections of pajamas; their craftsmanship is undeniable and their quality is sublime. Make sure you check the label first: only purchase garments made of silk or cotton. Also, a monogram may be an option; I am obsessed with monograms because I think they add a bit of personal flair and stylish personalization to any and all garments. I would pair these with a wedge bootie and a classic trench for a sophisticated, downtown vibe, or wear the top with denim trousers and silver cuffs. The other option for pajamas-in-the-day would be the sleep shirt, which is really a combo of dress and shirt, resulting in a shirt dress you wear to bed...confusing, I know. I would love to see tights under this "dress" and a chunky sweater on top, resulting in a comfy fall day look. riding boots and a silk scarf are another great option.

Brooks Brothers Men's Glen Plaid Pajamas

Cotton Jersey His Shirt - Lauren Sleepwear & Hosiery - RalphLauren.com
Ralph Lauren

Striped Sateen His Shirt - Lauren Sleepwear & Hosiery - RalphLauren.com
Ralph Lauren

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