The Story of A {Homecoming} Dress

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, I adore wearing clothes with sentimentality. I love each hole in my caricature-ed Keds that I've stretched out since 5th grade. I love my great-grandmother's hand-me-downs and my mom's closet full of possibilities. It was Homecoming week last week: we dressed in our wackiest clothes and most creative ensembles for spirit week, cheered on our football players and Homecoming court as they took to the field Fridaynight, and everyone prepped for their last Homecoming dance as the Class of 2012. In addition to sentimentality, I adore tradition; for all those seniors reading this post: it's our senior year, ya'll, embrace it. This is our last year together as a family-we are all going our separate ways soon. Don't look back on senior year with regret. As a wise friend advised me, just go and have a good time!

Now, back to the story...I feel like I've pulled a fast one over the whole school beginning with a deal laid out by my mom freshman year. You know that feeling of walking into a store, trying on a dress, realizing it's "the one," and then catching a glimpse of the price tag? Worst feeling ever. I experienced this the weekend before Freshman year Homecoming. I was already skeptical of going to my first school dance. I was newly moved in to a new school and I hardly knew anyone! But I knew I would regret it if I didn't go, so I forced myself. Anyway, my mom understood the promise of such a classic style and offered me this: she would buy me the dress, if I promised to wear it all four years to Homecoming. Hmm, a style challenge, I though to myself. How can I make this dress different, but uniquely mine for four different occasions?

Freshman year: The theme was "An Evening in Black and White." That's why I bought a black and white dress.

Sophomore year: the theme was "Red Carpet." I pulled my hair back and wore my neck and arms bare for simple, sophisticated, old Hollywood elegance.

Junior year: the theme was "Neon." I wanted to spice up the look without sacrificing my conservative style, so I painted my nails a blood red, removed the straps, parted my hair in the middle, and wore a dark eye and a red lip.

As the theme was "Aloha, Hawaii!" I decided to go bohemian meets sophisticate. I slipped on my espadrilles and painted my nails bright colors. (Don't forget to wear your nail polish as an accessory!)
Now, I've attended my last Homecoming, and I'm glad that that phase of my life is complete. I love this dress and will continue to cherish it and restyle it as many times as possible!

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