Bring On the Gift Exchange, Baby.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Uhhhhhgggggg. Buying the perfect Christmas gift. I usually start out with a great idea and that turns unrealistic, I get frustrated, and end up buying something half-baked that when the person opens it says, "Oh! I know I will use this everyday!" and end up throwing it out the next day. Like all great challenges, instead of accepting defeat, change the game. This year, instead of a white elephant, I'm hosting a "gag" gift exchange, which if all goes well, will be way more fun to shop for. I challenged the participants to be creative and to limit their ideas to $5. (Or stay in this range) In light of the difficulty of the challenge, I came up with some ideas and inspiration in the cheap and silly gift department.

Rule of Thumb: The best gag gifts are ones that someone might actually use.

Universal Gag Gift: Boxer shorts

Alternate Use: J. Crew's Styling with Boxer Shorts: also check out J. Crew's styling of boxers in their Holiday 2011 catalog. (SP '11, See Below)

J. Crew Catalog
Rule of Thumb: Gag gifts are merrier when they cause a little inside chuckle.

For the Funny Bone: Justin Bieber singing toothbrushes

It's funny and punny: It sings U Smile. OMG.

Rule of Thumb: Creativity trumps cost.

For those with a green thumb: A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

DIY: Plant a miserable looking weed in a clean flower pot and hang a single Christmas ornament. Pathetic, yet nostalgic.


Rule of Thumb: It's ok to be a jerk when giving a gag gift.

The unlucky reciever: Wrap up a box of "air."

But, only if you're desperate.


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