Street Style: Murry, Murry

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mary's doodles are way more interesting than mine: she drew everything she wore this week!
I find inspiration everywhere, and my favorite place to find such inspiration is in the people I spend everyday with. My friend Mary (affectionately known as Murry) is the epitome of casual, down-town cool. There is nothing fussy about Mary's style, yet she pulls herself together with class and originality. Mary has helped me through a lot style wise: what to wear to parties, to football games, to fancy occasions, to my first date...I owe much of my personal style to her, because she helped shaped mine.

Anyway, I've asked Mary to allow me to feature her once in a while so here is her first appearance on The Elements, looking classy in a striped sweater, black denim, a scarf and ballet flats. Effortless chic!

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