Street Style: Sister, Sister

Sunday, December 4, 2011

thought denim minis were out-of date? think again and pair with a mod peasant blouse.
easy, breezy fall style: dark floral print and black leather boots
What would I do without a sister? There are times when you need someone to tell you how to spike a Volleyball (which she's going to teach me someday), which pair of Louboutins to splurge on (which she probably will never tell me), and when you need to change clothes because you "look like a clown" (which she told me last week...) Anyway, Friday afternoon I was lounging on the couch not exactly in couch-potato position when my sister walks in with a brand new haircut and brand new glasses. She is a different person, let me tell you. As a firm believer in a new haircut can change the world, my sister Mary Claire (MC) demonstrated this concept to the T. I am so proud of her and of her accomplishments and of her beautiful personality, that I thought it would be a shame not to reflect on the personal style that has evolved alongside mine every step of the way. Love you, Sis!

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