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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello there, fashionistas!

Today I thought about some of my "Favorite Things," as Fraulein Maria might say, and I came up with this week's list of favorites. Check out the pictures below for style inspiration:
  1. A Musical Muse in stripes.
  2. Reinvention of classic feminine and a focus on female beauty.
  3. The importance of a heart of gold.
  4. A true "pin-cess."
January 28: I have a date with this wonderful singer/songwriter and Nashville native.
His voice is unique and his lyrics are beautiful. (And I love the production on this CD...he's a rapper, too!)
On iTunes: "Hey Mama," "Ships in the Night," and "She Got the Honey"
PS: If his music weren't great enough, this CD's album cover is my ultimate go-to image for striped-shirt inspiration.

The blogs are all abuzz about Jason Wu's upcoming collection for Target coming February 5th.
Known for his classic feminine style, some of Wu's notable designs are
Michelle Obama's inauguration dress and Diane Kruger's mustard yellow SAG gown.
The best part? The collection was inspired by a little black cat named Milu. Meow.
Check out the entire collection on Refinery 29.

A Jason Wu sketch and his inspiration, the cat Milu!
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark in "The Hunger Games"
My friend Ari just finished The Hunger Games trilogy tonight and we spent a good 20 minutes discussing Gale versus Peeta. I am a hundred percent Team Peeta because of his love for Katniss and his heart of gold. (And the fact that my middle school sweetheart, Mr. Josh Hutcherson portrays him very nicely.) I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL MARCH 23!
c/o Lionsgate.
I just came home from babysitting my three precious neighbors and was inspired by Abigail's (2) response to my question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "A pin-cess," she said simply. "Me, too," I replied.
My favorite Disney Princess is Tiana, because she understood that wishing on a star can only get you so far. One needs to put in hard work to truly attain one's goals.

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