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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello, fashionistas! I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing MLK weekend! First of all, I recieved the most beautiful gift today: THE ELEMENTS HAS REACHED OVER 3,000 PAGEVIEWS! Wow. I am stunned at its success. Thank you to each person who has read any of my posts. You mean the world to me.

Next, I thought I'd share a couple of style icons that caught my attention this week and that might inspire you as well...
  1. New girl.
  2. That 70's show.
Though certainly not new in our hearts, Zooey's style has newly captured my heart both in her comedy "New Girl"
(Fox Tuesdays) and with her unique raspy vocals in She & Him. The photo above is one I keep on file in my memory when I need quick, mod, classic inspiration. Zooey's style certainly makes her an icon in my mind; she's not afraid to play up her playful side, and her simple, quirky clothes reflect her bubbly, innocent personality.
Zooey came to mind this week both from her appearance at the Golden Globes (I am really drawn to this gown for some reason...its whimsy and 60's flair both appeal to me. And of course, it would be a shame not to reflect on those gorgeous eyes and her signature blunt bangs!) and from her birthday...which was yesterday! Happy Birthday to a true style icon!
Moving from decade to decade in this post...after seeing Zooey's 60's vibe, check out Taylor Swift's newly released cover of Vogue! The 70's-inspired looks featured bring a breeze of summertime gently curling the ends of my hair as well as an inspiration to wear bold eyeliner and blunt bangs...hmmm, seems to be a pattern to tonight's post...

PS: In case you haven't seen this music video, here's She & Him's "Don't Look Back"
I love the style inspiration from the flash mob at the end. (Look for the girl in the blue button down and black leggings...simple chic)

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