Rhapsody in Blue

Sunday, January 1, 2012

gingham shirt: Old Navy sweater: J. Crew pants: Target loafers: Target
ring: American Eagle lipstick: Clinique Black Honey

Well, another post centered around clothing bought at Target. Hmm, getting a little predictable, I guess. I always turn back to this store because I find comfort in its affordable chicness and I am not afraid to show it. Here I am inspired by monochromatic color. This category of color-play works because of the use of different shades, or different "octaves" of color. Just as many different octaves of a note harmonize to make music, different shades of color work in unison to create visual appeal. In this outfit the "highlight" is the cobalt blue skinnies, while the navy sweater and blue checked shirt play off this piece and work together to create interest in the monochromatic spectrum.

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