Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All photos courtesy © Kristen Elizabeth 2012
Happy Valentine's Day, Fashionistas! This happens to be my favorite holiday...maybe because it's a day to wear monochromatic red (like my US History teacher said: "Valentine's Day is just a Communist plot to get everyone to wear red...") or an opportunity to remember the story of Saint Valentine, or possibly an excuse to watch my favorite love story, Serendipity, but nevertheless, this day should be about letting all the people you love know that they are appreciated.

Anyway, today I present the commencement of a series of posts about YOUR style. I am so influenced stylistically by the people in my life that I want to celebrate what makes your style unique. So in honor of love stories (and fashion stories), I give you Anna and Reid: two individuals whose style, and each other, are better together.

As far as fashion goes, Anna and her boyfriend Reid have personal style mastered to a T. Both manage to evoke that effortless, classic chic common on the streets of New York or Paris. What strikes me about their styles in particular is the juxtaposition present. Reid is a modern James Dean; comfortable in a classic coat and loafers, Reid evokes a casual cool that surpasses our time. Anna, in perfect response is a petite Brigitte Bardot: feminine and lovely with a subtle edginess to her taste. Anna's peter pan collars and A-line skirts add an underlying whimsy which matches Reid's vintage attitude.

In an effort to gauge a little bit more about how style is present in their lives, I asked Anna and Reid to fill out questionaires about certain Elements of Personal Style. Here's what they wrote:

Happy Valentine's Day!
XOX-Anna Elizabeth

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