Midweek Musings: Trying not to Spring Ahead

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It is the best of times and the worst of times. Valentine's Day (my favorite holiday!) is around the corner, yet real, legitimate springtime seems so desperately far away. As much as I love February and its hot chocolate afternoons, I long for May. (and not just because of Graduation.) This week I've been daydreaming about:

1. The beach.
2. The clothes I will be packing and the video I will be shooting over spring break.
3. The Bookworm.


Ahhh, Pawley's. This is my home, it has always been my home, and it always will be my home. I've been holding on to this almost tangible daydream of sitting on the front porch at our arrogantly shabby beach house playing guitar and ukulele (goal: learn the ukulele) and thinking about life and the future and things I love. I long for hot, summer days. Songs I hope to learn to play: "The Story of Your Life" We The Kings / "You and I" Ingrid Michaelson / "The Pocket" Andy Grammar / "Sunday Morning" Maroon 5 / "Love Train" The O'Jays

As many of you know, Jason Wu for Target hit stores Sunday, and I was lucky enough to score a number of pieces from the collection, including my favorite piece, the dress above! I am planning on packing it along with flowy sleeveless tops and cutoff denim and my new straw hat for spring break in San Fran, Cali! (Assuming the plan works out...fingers crossed!) I'm also thinking of different ways to shoot my SBXII video blog (I used to make video blogs often, but haven't done one in a while...a perfect time to catch up and I will definitely share it with you all!) and which song to use. Possibly "Save Me, San Francisco" by Train? Hmmm.

This sweatshirt has moved to the top of my list of clothing to covet. Being a bookworm, and Gatsby being tied for my all time favorite book, (with Catcher in the Rye, of course!) I decided I absolutely MUST own this fleece sweatshirt. Out of Print Clothing (follow the link above!) has become my new past time: this wonderful little website offers tees, iPhone cases, totes, and sweatshirts all featuring classic literature from Clockwork Orange to Pride and Prejudice to 1984.  I want to wear this with my hot pink boiled wool skirt, black tights, and my black loafers. (And perhaps my strand of faux pearls...) Oh, to be Nick Carraway. To live in the Jazz Age.

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