Oh Baby Give Me One More Chance

Thursday, March 1, 2012

lipstick: Elizabeth Arden in Perfect Melon
I call it "The Braid Around"
Start French-braiding behind one ear, using thick sections of hair. Braid all the way around
your head, and down into a side braid. Pin up the braid in a swirl with bobby pins.

{Quick Tip}
Use hairspray and toothbrush to tame flyaways and
those little baby hairs protruding from your hairline.

jacket: Gap tank: J. Crew skirt: Barami belt: Liz Claiborne
booties: Mia Girl necklace: Lizard Thicket
Jackson 5's classic melody has kind of been the theme song of my week. It's ironic because the moment you realize you've lost something (or someone) and you know it was your own fault, your immediate reaction is to simply give up and move on, but Jackson 5 gives you a kick in the seat of your custom, high-waisted trousers, and sings out clearly that you should get up, have a dance party, and go after what you lost and get it back. This song is about lasting impressions and forgiveness, and that's what my outfit is all about today. Stick to neutral colors, but throw in a pop of leopard and add some color with a bright lipstick. And hair-wise, pin up the back in such a way that others will still be looking as you turn and walk away.

Currently listening to: "I Want You Back" Jackson 5

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