Birthdays and Biplanes

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Evening Darlings! It's been a crazy fun weekend here at my house celebrating my Grandfather's 80th birthday, (which was officially yesterday...Happy Birthday Grandpa!!) and I've received several things since my last post including a bright red (I'm not an advocate for sporting this shade of red...) sunburn and a nice compliment on my blog! (Thanks Sarah!)

Again, I'd like to send a giant hug out to all my lovely friends and followers who keep up with my adventures in style, and I'd like to encourage everyone to interact with The Elements on a more personal level; I'm on Bloglovin, Instagram, and I'm an avid Tweeter, and of course you can always follow my blog directly by signing up with your Google account or by entering your email address to receive updates by email.

Going back to Grandpa's Birthday, we had the whole family down to our house for the weekend, and let me say how amazingly fun the weekend turned out to be. As crazy and loud and goofy as my family is, we fit well together and can throw a mean dance party. (The Wobble, anyone?) I am so lucky and so blessed. Anyway, in honor of the occasion, we all went to the local (tiny) airport in our town where they had a WWII exhibit and staged battle. There were all these people dressed as 1940's soldiers and girls and even some singers who performed as The Andrews Sisters! (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy) The highlight, however, was the ride my dad and I got to go on in a real Biplane! I've never been in a small airplane before, and certainly not one that was open. Let me tell you, it was a bucket list-worthy experience that I both added and scratched off as soon as we landed. It was the flight of a lifetime in 20 short minutes.

{top to bottom}
Vintage 1950's Car
[Cute] WWII Soldier and Girl dressed in 1940's Clothing
The Andrews Sisters at the Camp Show
Bright Red Biplane
I Love Big Red Plane!

top: J. Crew skirt: Gap sunglasses: Vintage Ray Ban nail polish: Essie Bachelorette Bash

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