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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{A1A Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band}

"I stopped counting at 37" is what my Uncle Michael will tell you when you ask him how many Jimmy Buffet concerts he's attended. And he's not kidding. Having grown up listening to Buffet's Greatest Hits in my dad's car, I consider myself a junior Parrothead, though of course no where near as legit a one as my uncle. Anyway, for Father's Day, my mom, sister, and I surprised my dad with Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band concert tickets. Notice the "tribute;" we didn't actually see Jimmy himself...  Concerts are excellent venues for displaying one's personal style, and because seeing a live show (whether it be a concert or a Broadway musical) is my absolute favorite activity, I pulled together my summer concert go-to item: the maxi skirt.

{maxi skirt: Lizard Thicket; blouse: Gap; cardigan: J. Crew; wedges: Ralph Lauren}
{necklace: Anthropologie; purse: vintage Coach}

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