Carolina Girls {The Best In the World}

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{coverup: Ralph Lauren; bathing suit top: Target; beach bag: Fresh Market}
{hat: c/o TJ MAXX}

I decided South Carolina is my favorite state. It holds Pawley's Island, my home, as well as Charleston, my favorite city. The state dance is the Shag (Thanks, Nana, for teaching me!), and the state motto, Dum Spiro Spero coincidentally was my favorite Latin quote of the day from my studies in high school. (While I breathe, I hope...for those not versed in the Classics). This place holds something special for me, I just know it. Because of the significance of being my favorite state, I've tried to incorporate the Palmetto tree and moon symbol wherever I can...let's play I Spy...


  1. South Carolina? It is a beautiful state I had a swell time there...I still love Oregon more though:) haha gotta represent. I love this lovely white frock you're rocking.