A Lesson in Humility: CHWC

Saturday, July 7, 2012

{the house we painted}

{shoes: gross converse; shorts: couture Walmart}

{my faithful string bag}

They say there's such a thing as a "mission trip high," meaning that after a week or more of service you come back wanting to change the world. If there is such a high, I'm above the clouds. As probably evident earlier, I was pretty skeptical about Catholic HEART Workcamp. It started out typically: inappropriate attitude, but thankfully it ended beautifully. I felt God's presence in my life, I realized how I can work at finding myself (by developing my own traits rather than wishing I was someone else), and I genuinely felt like I had changed the world, one soul at a time. 

The underlying theme that affected my change in attitude that I kept thinking back to over the week was humility, and the symbol for this change was the faithful yellow string bag I hauled around all week. Personally, I abhor string bags, but as it was a utility I needed to and from the worksite, I saw no way around it. But surprisingly, that string bag taught me that it's not about how you look all the time. Yeah I write a style blog, and I follow fashion news and designers, but life isn't about always being the best dressed or carrying the "It" bag. And in that case, fashion isn't either. Life (and personal style) is about using your abilities to first find yourself, and then using those traits to love others. My team 76 and I loved others by service this past week. We painted the house shown above for the sweetest man, and at the end of the week, it wasn't the service that mattered or that touched him. It was the community and the companionship that our team provided him with. The catholic-ness of our Catholic faith shined through as our team of young adults from all over the country came together for a common goal: to serve the community, and we were successful in more than just painting a house Gator Green. 

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