The Dress Says It All

Thursday, July 26, 2012

{dress: vintage (my mom's!) shoes: Ralph Lauren; sunglasses: Ray Ban}

For an afternoon of shopping in the southeast's humidity, nothing beats a cool dress with a "twirl factor" and a great pair of wedges. As much as I like mixing prints and playing bohemian with assortments of bracelets and bangles and piling on layers, its nice to take a step back and let a piece breathe. Sometimes I belt this dress and wear my Grecian-looking sandals, but today I felt the need to let it do its thing: flutter in the wind, flounce as I walk from store to store, and cool me off in summer breezes. Sometimes it takes a daring fashionista to step out from behind her accessories and let a simple dress speak for itself. I challenge you!


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  2. Love the button back detail! Definitely has a "twirl factor" (:
    Found you on IFB and I've followed, would love if you could follow back: Thanks!