Alternatives to the Nort, Pt. 1

Friday, August 31, 2012

I have to admit it took a while to understand that "nort" was combination of "Nike" and "short." Yeahhhh.

These past few weeks, I learned quite quickly that at college, dressing like you're headed out to New York Fashion Week, or even just to get Starbucks before the first show at NYFW, is completely unreasonable and actually pretty stupid. This whole workout-clothes-as-everyday-wear kind of freaks me out. Ask my mom, I've been going out of my way to dress up for school since kindergarten. I was the girl that wore her Sunday best (hair bow and all) everyday. However, by observation and trial and error, I've come up with a little style formula for keeping your cool and comfort around campus without sacrificing your own personal style.

Formula #1: knockaround dress + high tops + baseball hat

{dress: J. Crew; high tops: Converse; hat: Polo; polish: Essie California Coral}

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