Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{Just so you can get a picture at the vastness that is Recruitment Week in the southeast.}

{we had some last minute sign-ups for recruitment...}

Hey fashionistas! A lot has happened since my last post, including moving into my new dorm room and going through hell week rush! Yesterday happened to be my first day of classes here at university, and it was also Bid Day, where I received a bid to pledge a sorority! The past few days have been absolutely insane with rush; if you haven't gone through recruitment yet, its not something I can just describe or prepare you for. You just have to wing it. With this in mind, I decided to revisit some of my favorite outfits during rush so at least I could be comfortable in my own skin during a really uncomfortable week. In addition I invested in an LBD (Little Black Dress) and a Lilly skort (because I haven't had one since I was like five...)

Just like your mother told you, it's so important to dress for comfort. The more uncomfortable you are, the harder it becomes to be yourself. (It's cool, I've accepted I can't walk straight in stilettos.) Remember, the key to recruitment is all about being yourself. No matter how many friends you have in certain sororities or how golden your legacy status is, what's going to catch on is the person you've curated to be uniquely you. Sting once said, "be yourself, no matter what they say," and though I doubt he went through rush, he's got the key to recruitment spot on.

Oh right... now that it's the day after Bid Day, and my nerves have subsided and my voice has moved from manly man (get ready to lose your voice, ladies) to adolescent boy, I can proudly announce that I am the newest member of CHI OMEGA! Chi O till I die O.

{the theme was cinco de chi o and the back of our tee shirts say "nacho average pledge class}

{round one - meet & greet} dress: Lilly Pulitzer; bag: Dooney & Burke 
{round two - house tours} skort: Lilly Pulitzer; bag: vintage 
{round three - skits} dress: LOFT; shoes: Ralph Lauren; ring: American Eagle; hair: myself ;)
{round four - prefs} dress: Calvin Klein; shoes: Vaneli; headband: LOFT
{round five - bid day} shorts: Nike; sneakers: Ralph Lauren; shirt: CHI OMEGA! 

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  1. love your outfits. really great.

    xx m