Midweek Musings: Capri Weather

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The January of fashion is swiftly approaching. I'm saving my pennies and dimes for a U-Haul's worth of September issues and those J. Crew motorcycle boots I've been coveting for three years. (The same ones Emma Watson swears by, mind you.) As summer fades into fall, there are several key classics I like to keep at the forefront of my closet. It's almost capri weather: cold enough for a popover (eine pulli, as they say in Germany) and warm enough for a necessary soft breeze around one's ankles. The recessionista's cost-per-wear tool also thrives in the capri weather season, as staples like the trench coat and the chambray shirt can be worn all year 'round, meaning it's worth it to invest. J. Crew has excellent renditions of every item on this list, as does Madewell. I personally like Furla's doctor bags (the one in the picture is a Furla), Gap's cigarette pants (and trenches), Madewell's chambray shirts, and my Zigi SoHo red ballets. (Although if you've got the cash, go for the original Repetto.)

1. The Audrey Cigarette Pant
2. The Classic Trench
A Cup of Jo
3. The Practical Doctor's Bag
4. The Omniscient Red Ballet Flat
Modern Hepburn

5. The Perfect Chambray Shirt

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