Y'all Really Do Like to Dance, Don't You?

Friday, August 17, 2012

{oxford: Polo Ralph Lauren; boxers: Target; bracelets: Target; boots: vintage c/o Madeline ;)}

I'm slowly adjusting to sorority life, and dorm life on top of that, and university life in general. So, when I received an email of the the week's activities for Chi O, I was a little overwhelmed, especially at the idea of a Thursday night social. And one where we had to dress up dress down. Last night's theme was "Boots & Boxers," which sounds a little confusing (at least it was to me), until we were informed that we basically get to hang out in pajamas all night; that is, cowboy boots and men's boxers!

Because everything you wear says a little something about you, its important to stay true to yourself, even if you are going to a costume party, or say, a sorority social. A lot of skin will display one image, for example, while wearing bright colors or lots of accessories, another. None of the above are bad or discouraged, in fact, I encourage you to pick an element of style that represents yourself and consistently weave it into your outfits. But don't wear the obvious or the safe just because there's a dress code. I choose boxers with skulls and crossbones on them because Chi O has one on their crest and I accessorized with a bundle of bracelets and bed head hair.

PS: I keep getting little reminders of how much I absolutely love my sorority...a guy came up to a bunch of my friends and I when we were dancing at the social and he commented, "Y'all really like do like to dance, don't you?" Knowing that the spontaneous dance party is my favorite form of exercise, this completely made my night.

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