Alternatives to the Nort, Pt. 2

Sunday, September 2, 2012

{shirt: Old Navy; shorts: Old Navy; sneakers: Keds; hat: Polo Ralph Lauren}

Are you seeing the pattern here? Bright colors, comfortable separates, and a baseball hat to top it all off! These are the stylish, yet practical elements to a college girl's style.


  1. ANNA! I was looking at MC's blog and I saw that you were a member on her site. I clicked on your picture and saw your blog! You've showed it to me once but i kinda forgot about it...sorry. :) I miss you soooo much! Are the pictures you took in your dorm? You look so cute as usual! I miss you soo much!!!
    Love always, Nikki from Amberfield :)))) <3

  2. Oh haha I just realized that I put that I missed you twice in the last comment...oh well. You should do a "dorm tour" in your next post! Show pics of your dorm and of you and your roomate! :) I would love that. Pleease do it!