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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York prepares for its Spring Collections shows opening tomorrow (!!!) (I like to pretend I'm packing.) and the September Issue season heats up, the line seems to thicken, not only between wearable and non-wearable clothes, but also between interest and disinterest in the fashion world. Anna Wintour (editor in chief of . . . ) once stated that she didn't think many people understood her job exactly, and my own family and friends have expressed confusion at the importance of "runway" clothes and editorial fashion. (Which is why I am so inspired by Lady Gaga . . . she wears these outrageous creations!) My personal elements of style have always stayed grounded on the foundation of editorial fashion journalism, and I am fascinated by ready-to-wear and couture collections. (I saw the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit and I have the Alexander McQueen exhibit book form the Met!) However, many of these outlandish clothes and beautifully crafted editorials weren't meant to be copied directly. Its the inspiration that matters to us mere mortals in the "real world." This is why high fashion matters: the creative energy flowing from clothes equally inspired by "baroque religious traditions" and Western-style fairytales and Alfred Hitchcock inspires us to look deeper into those elements that define us, and to let those elements shine throughout personal style choices. This September Issue season, look for dramatic proportions in runway collections like exaggerated shoulders and hips. Search Vogue for juxtaposition: rocker meets Victorian, punk meets prep, classic meets edgy. Be inspired by the art of couture clothes: the craftsmanship, the attention to detail. For a collection to be called couture, every garment must be handmade. Just sit and appreciate that for a minute. And once you've collected your elements into a little portfolio of you, open your closet doors and create from what you see. Edit your closet. Add a little vintage. Take what you own and transform it. Wear a striped shirt with leather moto pants (a la McQueen) or a pale pink ruffly dress with an aged leather belt and an enormous buckle (a la Lauren). Don't be afraid to be inspired by the crazy, expensive, or simply bizarre fashion out there patrolling the catwalks of fashion week or the pages of glossies. Become who you are inspired to be.

{D&G Fall 2012 RTW}

{Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 RTW}

{Alexander McQueen Fall 2005 RTW}

{all photos from Style.com}

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