Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In the era of technology our life risks becoming always more anonymous and merely a function of the production process.  In this way, man becomes incapable of enjoying the beauties of the Creator and to see in them the reflection of the face of God.  

The original source of inspiration, cool, fresh air and beautiful scenery always stimulate the creative process in my mind by clearing my head and allowing fresh ideas to flow in. Because nature is untarnished and pure, it reflects a clean white slate ready for a creative adventure. It seemed fitting after a long absence (one miserable word: midterms) to reappear fresh and cool like autumn air. After parent's weekend for my sorority, my parents and I strolled through the local botanical gardens and enjoyed the sunshine, the flowers, and the path sprinkled with magnolia leaves. For a relaxing Sunday afternoon, I chose my favorite go-to outfit: Audrey-esque black pants and a striped shirt. The leopard drivers add whimsy and interest in a simple outfit. 

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