Are You Ready to Sing a Little Jingle Bells?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yay for being back in the greatest town (Athens, duh.) and yay for another alternative to the nort! Or, because it's no longer August, an alternative to a big tee shirt and leggings. Don't get me wrong, leggings are great in the right context, but like anything remotely likable, too much of a good thing is not always good. Spice up your going-to-class look by wearing jeans every now and then! I always feel more awake and more ready to conquer the day when I've made a semi-amount of effort to get dressed and its so easy to add elements of your personal style when you change up your daily outfit routine! I've been guilty of wearing the same shirt for three days, don't worry. The great big flannel shirt has proved to be a great wardrobe edition; (I tend to shop in the men's department more and more these days...) I plan on mixing it up with a skirt and belt, layering it with a vest, and maybe even trying out tights and shorts eventually. (a style I've been meaning to experiment with) And I recently got the kiss cuff from the Kirna Zabête for Target collection and I can't stop wearing it. 

Something else I can't stop doing is thinking about how excited I am for Christmas! Athens looks so glittery right now I can't even handle it. And my roommate and I put up all these Christmas lights in our dorm so we don't use overhead lighting anymore. So I guess all the sparkly lights deserve another yay. 

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