How to Tell a Story Through Jewelry

Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm very inspired by Victorian jewelry because they were so into symbolism and communicating through jewelry. There were pieces for falling in love or liking somebody or losing a family member.

As a firm believer in it's-never-too-early-to-write-a-friendly-note-to-Santa, I've added these Lulu Frost for J.Crew tortoise shell earrings to the top of my list. My wardrobe consists of pieces that I can dress up or down and these heirloom-worthy earrings are no exception. They would complement the vintage navy blue cocktail dress I picked up recently as well as add a bit of sparkle to my winter go-to shirt/cardigan/wool skirt ensemble. Lulu Frost's pieces are art-deco inspired and therefore add that little element of whimsy that defines playfulness in any outfit. Matchbook featured Lulu Frost founder Lisa Salzer on the cover of their August issue, and she cited being influenced by her grandmother and the line's vintage aesthetic. Salzer's element of modern vintage not only adds age and value to each piece of jewelry, it tells a story: one of where you've been (vintage) and where you're going (modern).

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