How to Be A Classy Lady: Being Subtle

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ever since the infamous press conference where she wore the sapphire blue Issa dress that perfectly accentuated her engagement ring, the world's eyes have been trained on the woman who lived every girl's dream: to marry a prince and live happily ever after. And after all the buzz about the royal wedding died down, Kate continued to astound us with her grace and personal style. While sporting English designers like Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham and Stella McCartney, Kate shows pride in British fashion, but each ensemble clearly reflects her style. She is always portrayed confidently: great posture, polished outfit, genuine smile. All these elements combine to make a great style icon, but what is the duchess's secret ingredient? It is her subtly. Despite the media coverage and silly US Weekly specials, Kate is rarely interviewed. We've rarely heard her speak publicly. Some women argue that she's shadowed by the famous men in her life, but I counter that Kate is the genius behind her mystique. For allowing a bit of mystery, Kate utilizes an element of personal style not commonly used in the modern world: restraint. She never looks like she is trying too hard. Whether at the Olympic games with William or at a celebration for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee or visiting a charity, Kate is always smiling. Flashy jewels and designer bags aren't necessary because she knows exactly who she is and who she wants to be. Her style is like her love story: genuine. This rare element can be achieved by simplifying both one's outlook on style and on life. It's easy to get caught up in little details; instead, wear neutral or monotone colors and classic pieces like a great trench coat, a beautifully draped dress, and a striped sailor shirt. And finally, one shouldn't be afraid to be gracious, both in her personal style and her personality. A genuine smile is by far the best accessory, as is being kind to everyone one meets. In the end it's not a crown that makes a princess, it's a more inward, subtle beauty.

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