Midweek Musings: Come So Far, Got So Far to Go

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am sitting here in the student center, my favorite place to blog here on campus next to a giant Christmas tree topped with a bulldog, and thinking about how in four short hours I will be at home relaxing and preparing for the holidays. It's incredible to think that first semester is over. The bridge has been crossed; there is no turing back. I'm officially a college student and have proven that I can survive on my own. There's really no better feeling than independence.

And it's independence from school work that I'm looking forward to over break because unfortunately I've dive-bombed into another addicting television series: GOSSIP GIRL. (a little late, I know, but believe me I'm a huge fan now)

In case you've never seen the show, Gossip Girl follows the lives of Manhattan's privileged, prep-school attending elite through the eyes of a mysterious blogger, (it hits close to home.) also known as Gossip Girl. Between Serena van der Woodsen's bohemian style (and scarves!), Blair's manipulative-and-I-can't-stand-this-girl-but-I-like-her-anyways persona, Dan's sweetness, and Chuck Bass's, well, he's Chuck Bass, I can't help but feed my addiction during the independence from school. Currently, my favorite episode is the one where all the characters attend the "White Party" in the Hamptons. Serena's goddess look was flawless, and Chuck's white suit with the black tuxedo stripe was stylistic perfection, and speaking of fashion, I have to admit, watching this show not only makes me want to invest in designer clothes, (in my dreams) but I've also had the urge to wear a lot of plaid recently. Prep-school meets the city, ya know? So as far as I've come completing my first semester at UGA, I've got so much farther to go in Gossip Girl...I'm only on season 2!

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Because I have one exam left until break!!! HURRY UP!

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