What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Colored Tights

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We learned, in that moment, that it is indeed possible to be both appalled and in love at the same time. And that’s exactly how we feel about her character: She’s [mean], to be sure, but with wicked comedic timing and a vulnerability that makes you understand how she got so screwed up. Her villain-you-want-to-root-for is the most sophisticated performance on the show.
Jessica Pressler & Chris Rovzar on Blair Waldorf
New York Magazine 2008

Blair Waldorf is one of those infamous characters whose name conjures up a lifestyle that can be imitated but never fully accomplished. Blair is the Elizabeth Bennet in tweenage TV drama, the Audrey Hepburn for the 21st century; in other words, the name Waldorf is synonymous with Queen Bee of the Upper East Side. During the past few weeks, Gossip Girl has proven a subtle, yet life-changing influence on my style. I find myself doing my hair like Serena van der Woodsen, paying homage to the school girl/prep school look with little skirts and lots of plaid and strings of pearls, and of course, wearing more headbands than normal. 

Because of Blair's abrupt and permanent influence on my style in the past few weeks of watching the show, (I'm on season three... only three more seasons to go!) I've decided to start a feature honoring BW, the style icon of our generation: What Would Blair Waldorf Do? 

In the episode "Hi, Society" in season one, Blair takes preppy to a new level with red tights under shorts paired with a blazer and little ballet flats. Adding my own spin to Blair's inspiration, I added a tweed jacket and a long strand of pearls and topped off my look with a headband. Red tights work best with color combinations of navy and black. Because this particular accessory is so loud, keep the other colors and accessories quiet. Try utilizing a monochromatic theme when wearing red tights: wearing red pumps elongates the leg and is an alternative to black tights and black shoes, and pairing a red skirt with red tights creates an ironic juxtaposition:


  1. So obsessed with Blair. I started watching Gossip Girl this summer and I'm in season five now! I've been trying to hide from everyone's tweets about the finale.


  2. Haha me too! I haven't found out who GG is yet, and I plan on being surprised in the last episode!! Thanks for reading!

    Hepburn Comma Me xx