Midweek Musings: Jot List

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I adore Midweek Musings time; it's the one time a week I can list out the crazy jumble of thoughts floundering around in my head in a (somewhat) organized manner. This week my thoughts have been kind of all over the place with initiation this weekend (I'll finally be a sister of Chi Omega!), getting caught up on all my homework (Econ, Bio, English, oh my!), and working on my new year's resolutions (get to know all the cute, fun girls in my pledge class better!!). So here it goes, in the most organized manner possible:

1. FlapperDoodle: I'd like to wager that Etsy is more addicting than Pinterest, because not only can you find great ideas and stuff, you can buy that all those great ideas and stuff rather than wasting a Saturday afternoon attempting to be crafty. I was rather impulsive this afternoon and bought several prints from FlapperDoodle for my dorm room. I fell in love with all the kitschy prints of flappers doing everything from dancing in fringed dresses to hoola-hooping to parading as Marilyn Monroe from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

{Blake as Marilyn}

I ordered three of the Audrey Hepburn prints (I'm thinking of starting a collection of all things Audrey...oh wait...) and one of two flappers eating Neapolitan ice cream. They're just the bees' knees.

2. Phillip Phillips: I touched on Phillips yesterday and I want to revisit his music because this CD is absolutely brilliant. My high school friend gave me a copy of his album with the promise that "you will love it," and she was spot on: the lyrics are right on track, the guitar progressions hit close to home (I've got to start playing again!!), and Phillips has got this great Dave Matthews voice that's all raspy and rocker-ish. I love it. I've been listening to "Gone, Gone, Gone" on repeat, particularly the part when he croons desperately, "like a drum my heart never stops beating for you." *heart melting*

3. iPhone Photography: F.E. Castleberry writes this great blog called Unabashedly Prep, which is kind of like The Sartorialist for New England prepsters. It's a blog I maybe check on once a week versus the blogs on my daily blogroll, but it always yields great inspiration and today the post was all about how to take good pictures with your iPhone camera...how relevant! Like Castleberry, I've got a nice camera which I love, but I find my iPhone more convenient to carry around and it does have a great camera with a lot of cool options for editing pictures. His post is informative and quite helpful; I'll definitely be employing these techniques soon.

4. Grace Coddington on Jimmy Fallon: Like many of Fallon's interviews, this one had its fair share of awkwardness, but both of these people are so brilliant and creative in their own completely different ways that their conversation got me appreciating the silly little things that make up personal style. Like Grace's infamous hair and black ensembles. Fallon's goofy laugh. Each is unique and so distinguishable. If I could host a dinner party with whomever I want, these two would be at the top of my guest list.

5. New Business Cards: Thank you zazzle.com! I designed these this weekend and they should be coming in the mail soon. I pulled the quote on the back of the card from my junior year AP Language research paper. I wrote it on Zora Neale Hurston, who arguably changed my life; her reflections on individuality will always have a strong influence on me and my writing. That sparkly gem inside each of us is what drives me to write and think about personal style each day.

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