Midweek Musings: Love Stories

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's the first week of second semester, and the only downside to being back in the Classic City is that each day I'm obligated to make an effort to get to class and learn something. Most college freshman's concept of college doesn't involve actual school. Now that I've surpassed the awkwardness and journey-to-self-awareness of first semester, I'm ready for F-U-N. Life isn't about getting lost in a crowd, it's about learning to dance on tables. (or something like that...)

Besides textbook shopping and notebook organizing and reading Kafka, (I vowed to be finished with him after The Metamorphosis last year. Apparently the literary gods have another plan.) this week I've been thinking (or rather dreaming...) about love stories. And as today marks my parents' 25th wedding anniversary, how fitting to discuss the fusion of fairy tales and reality.

There are a lot of different kinds of love stories, and each is like an intricate beading pattern on a flapper dress: so different and unique to create beauty and life in the dress. There's the love story between an artist and his muse. There's a story in finding the perfect outfit to complement personal style. There's the story you grew up around your whole life and are just now realizing the significance of. And there's a story in loving yourself enough to disregard all inward discomfort and dance on a table.

There's always a love story present when it comes to personal style. Today mine took place at Heery's Clothes Closet trying on party dresses that I can't afford. It's silly, but this is a form of therapy for me.

Looking through the pictures from my parents' wedding, I almost wish I was there. Everybody looks so uncontrollably happy, because floating around the good spirits on the dance floor is the reason everyone gathered together in the first place: the sacrifice of one individual's personal style to be united with another's. 

And last, but certainly not least, I'm working on exposing the love story between myself and my inner personal style: the little, wild Audrey that I keep very close to my heart. She was shy last semester, but now that she's a bit more confident, watch out. 

photo credit: Katherine

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