Snow Looks like Vanilla Frosting

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I took these pictures over Christmas break when I was in Ohio visiting my relatives. I am so inspired by nature, and it's probably the 4-year-old speaking in me, but I've always had a magical fascination with snow. One of my earliest memories is waking up in my crib (I think I was 2) and seeing snow blanketing the ground for the first time. It's sparkly, it's Romantic, it's beautiful and fresh and clean. A tabula rasa of sorts. So even though we are several weeks into the new year, it's a Sunday night looking forward to a new week, and I'm picturing a beautiful blank slate to splash color on this week. Happy Sunday, fashionistas. Let's make this a great week. And if you're somewhere snowy right now, enjoy it.

PS: Speaking of fresh beginnings, please keep Grace in your prayers, she was hit by a car very close to my campus and is suffering from a serious head injury. Her aunt spoke at church tonight and asked the congregation to pray for her, and in turn I'm turning to all of you. Prayers are powerful and Grace could use a fresh beginning in her personal style story. Thank you, fashionistas.

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  1. Oh my gosh you're so cute!!

    btw we're having a blogger group meetup this Sunday at Hendershot's!! I hope you can come :) 6:00!

  2. Thanks so much! Unfortunately I am home for the long weekend but I am going to try and make the next meeting. I think starting this group is great and I am dying to meet other bloggers! See you soon!

    Hepburn Comma Me xx