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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I keep this list tacked up on my bulletin board, and whenever I'm feeling a little bit under par creatively, I re-read this list and for some reason, I always feel a bit more optimistic about my creative ability. Today on this lazy Sunday afternoon, #31 struck me. Not only am I OCD quite organized, but I also need a clean space to work and get my thoughts pulled together. I've also had several reader requests for a tour of my room, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand upon my creative space! On campus, I probably blog most often in my dorm room, so it's über important for me to surround myself with creativity. And plus I like decorating. ;)  

This shelf is right next to my desk and is where I keep all my reference 
guides: ones for fashion, for my English class, for MLA, and for spirituality. 
I also brought some of my favorite DVDs to school for nights in. 
And yep, that is the Lifetime William & Kate mockumentary. hahahaha.
My vanity's newest editions: a flapperdoodle print and an XOXO ring
from a Valentine's Day cupcake at Chi O. (I only got the cupcake because
I wanted the ring. Sue me.)
To foster a creative spirit. And also, I am mildly obsessed with
Bobby Kennedy.
The other flapperdoodle prints I ordered. The first one is of Audrey from
Sabrina, then from Funny Face, and finally from Breakfast at Tiffany's.
My workspace. I'm particularly proud of the parade of J. Crew catalogue
I always read these letters from my parents and friends and the little bible
verses on index cards before I go to bed. That way I'm always falling asleep
to happy thoughts.
To remind me that fairytales are real.
I spy two little tiny owls. (I love owls.)
My dad sent me some flowers to brighten up my room. :)

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