How to Be a Classy Lady at the Oscars

Monday, February 25, 2013

Award season might be my second favorite time of year after fashion week, probably because the red carpet can seem like a catwalk sometimes. Out of all the award shows, the Oscars have got the best (and most iconic) red carpet. This year it was even better with all the sketches of iconic costumes and fashion in film, especially when the sketch of Audrey Hepburn's princess dress from Roman Holiday kept peeking behind the celebrities being interviewed on the red carpet. And speaking of Audrey, I nominate Anne Hathaway as the next Audrey Hepburn. That's a major title to bestow, and yet Hathaway would fit the bill perfectly. She's reserved, she's genuine, and of course she has that timeless glamour that Audrey exudes still today. Hathaway's Prada gown was elegant and understated and of course nodded (if only unintentionally) to Audrey by sporting Tiffany diamonds. After Hathaway, I thought Jessica Chastain was gorgeous in Armani Prive proving for a second year in a row that she knows how to dress for the red carpet. The gown had an almost iridescent-like quality without being shiny and vulgar and her Deco accessories were spot on. And because the guys almost never get mentioned, I though Eddie Redmayne looked particularly handsome in Alexander McQueen. (See all the celebrity looks from the red carpet here.)

In addition to the fabulous gowns and jewels on the red carpet I was particularly thrilled with the Oscar ceremonies themselves. They say there's no business like show business, and all the live performances quite literally brought me to tears. From Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's rendition of "High Hopes" to the full cast of Les Mis belting out "One Day More," the musical performances captured the show. (I'm still upset that Les Mis didn't win best picture; that movie affected me deeply.)

 So at the most glamorous event in America, how does one stay classy? You are gracious. (Anne Hathaway's acceptance speech) You are inspiring. (Jennifer Hudson's performance) You are graceful. (Jennifer Lawrence, I would just like to thank you personally for being my kinda girl. It's like you're that one awkward kid who trips while accepting an award, but it doesn't matter because you just WON AN OSCAR. So on behalf of all klutzes everywhere, thank you.)

Well, that's all for now. Until next year... xoxo

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