I Want You to Live Forever

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When people are passionate about their craft, it's difficult to disguise the energy and excitement they exude during their performance, whether it be a fashion show, an art opening, or a concert. When I saw Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors and Emily Hearn in concert, I not only felt this energy, I lived it. I was so inspired by the lyrics, the live music, and the musky atmosphere of the room. It's interesting to compare the difference between a smaller, more intimate concert like this one with a bigger, mainstream production that is Taylor Swift or One Direction. That's the power of live music: no matter how big or how small, it doesn't cease to captivate audiences. 

Sometimes getting dressed for a concert can be as important as dressing for fashion week because music and fashion have always been deeply entangled. Music provides inspiration to designers, (remember Prabal Gurung's Love quiz?) and fashion provides inspiration to artists. (One word: Madonna.) I got these great camouflage jeans at Gap because, like I wrote a few weeks ago, they go with everything. I added a denim jacket for a little rock n' roll and my favorite worn out red flats.

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Live Forever by Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors on Grooveshark

sweater: Gap / denim jacket: American Eagle / camo jeans: Gap / watch: Michael Kors /
gold bracelet: Target / necklace: Dillard's 

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