Midweek Musings: The Music Issue

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

music musings

Music usually plays a part in my "midweek musings" posts, but I have been processing so much music this week that it seemed a shame not to devote the entire post to it. Music has always had an enormous impact on my personal style, and I always have a constant stream of songs playing in my head throughout the day. (Confession: Sometimes I put on headphones and forget to open my Spotify because I have so much music playing in my head already... yeah.) Typically, I tend to favor upbeat, loud, fast-paced songs, but every now and then I'm down to listen to some serious ballads or floor-thumping, beat-inflated kicks. (I've been listening to a lot of deadmau5 recently... weird, I know.) I classify myself as a Romantic, and a Romantic view of the world is always enhanced when you've got a great beat going in your ears.

So I kinda wrote a lot... soooo...

In addition to the rockin playlist I've been curating this week, I've been researching music blogs and I found a really great one that I'm adding to my regular blog roll. (See the sidebar to the left!) It's called Indie Shuffle and it's an amazing site that is perfect for all those secretly hipster folks out there who keep saying they are going to give up a lifestyle of conformity and mainstream music and delve into the sweet culture that is "indie." (I say secretly, because I for one know that you all will never be able to not like One Direction, like me. Especially because apparently David Cameron is also a One Direction fan. Sorry not sorry.) In other words, Indie Shuffle is a great resource for finding excellent unique music.

So with all this talk about music, what am I listening to?! First of all, the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, as strange as this may sound, is my jam. I've been sitting here studying Bio for the past 2 hours and have been tapping my feet to ACAPELLA MUSIC. From a movie soundtrack. I cannot stop listening to all these songs; I think it's because there are so many great mashups of Top 40 songs. Mashups are also my jam. So are Top 40 songs. Secretly. My music picks of the week get better, I hope promise.

And then, The Lumineers. I realize I'm a little late to be jumping on this bandwagon, but "Ho Hey" really annoys me (sorry) and so I boycotted the rest of the album. (I've learned my lesson, believe me.) "Classy Girls" is my new theme song and I adore "Flowers in Your Hair" and "Flapper Girl."

Imagine Dragons is here for obvious reasons. (although I'm late again on this one too! Gosh, why do I refuse to listen to good music when everyone else is raving about it!) "Radioactive" for the beat.

Drew Holcomb and Emily Hearn are recent discoveries after I saw them both in concert this weekend. They get their own post. (Stay tuned ;) In the meantime, download "Hung the Moon" and "Like Ships Need the Sea."

Alabama Shakes I mentioned earlier, and I was so thrilled to see them on SNL this past weekend! Yay! And The Black Keys are still eating up my playlist with their rock music. I love rock. That's the bad ass talking in me.

And finally, New Edition. "Candy Girl" makes me want to dance all the way to class (Sometimes I think about trying to start a flash mob, and then I think, ehh better not.) I also love "Can You Stand the Rain" and "Cool It Now."

And also I probably shouldn't mention that currently, right now the Pitch Perfect soundtrack switched to the new acoustic Justin Bieber album, and it is currently occupying my headphones. Aca-Awkward. "As Long As You Love Me," in case you were wondering. Okay, bye.

So now that you read through that reeeeeaaallllly long post, I leave you with this gem:

Okay, forreal now. Byyyyyeeee.